Hello world :)

Hey Dolls,

WELCOME to my blog!

This ugly mug belongs to ME, Emily – head stylist/ owner of Dolls & Sailors.

I’ve already told you about the official opening of Dolls & Sailors, so we won’t worry about all of the impersonal stuff. I want to talk about the REAL Dolls & Sailors, what I stand for and how much I LOVE what I do.

SO…on 05/11/2016 we announced the arrival of our baby boy Lewis David Fishburn. Having a baby was like my life got flipped, turned upside down (but I didn’t get to live in my uncles mansion in Bel-Air and I feel like my fashion choices are much better than those of the 90’s). I suddenly found myself staring at this tiny pooping, eating, sleeping machine for hours on end instead of working forty hours in a busy salon five days a week.

Being a Mum is a full time job, however I was going CRAZY living the life of a stay-at-home-mum/housewife. After working 10 years full time in busy salons, interacting with hundreds of people a week, I needed some human interaction. Or atleast something to do with my time when Lewi napped (so instead of knitting, or napping myself, I opened a business…yikes!). Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being a Mum. My boys are my world. Which means that time spent away from them is precious, so darn it I better be doing something AMAZING.

One AMAZING part of my work life is working at the busy West Brisbane hair boutique Verona Hair. I’ve been with Keezia and her amazing team FOUR fantastic years (omg!), most of which I worked full-time painting and shearing the west siders of Brisbane. Now in the salon two days a week, I get to catch up with everybody, have a laugh and (I suppose I should mention) create some pretty wicked hair colours and cuts. If you’ve ever been inside Verona Hair, you’ll know that we are B.U.S.Y! There is just no time to provide any kind of mobile services to the outside world, ain’t nobody workin’ at Verona Hair got time for that! Except for me, who went on maternity leave for six months.

Verona Hair, along with Redken Australia, gave me the opportunity to be a part of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2016 (in Sydney 16 weeks pregnant and puking my guts up backstage, but it was still so much fun!). In my time at Fashion Week I realized this is it, this is what I want to do with my career.  Styling the models back stage was HELLER fun, challenging and super satisfying (gratifying, fullfilling…so many adjectives I want to use!).

So this long winded story is definitely coming to an end, let’s wrap it up. Needed to spend time away to fulfill my love of hair dressing. Still loved working (and annoying the other staff members) at Verona Hair, however wanted to do more mobile bridal and event styling. Wanted to style amazing people for amazing events. Dolls & Sailors does all of those things.

STYLING is my love, my passion and my hobby. I love pinning, wrapping, braiding and winding hair to peoples heads in creative ways!

Stay tuned for more of my rambling…


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