Wedding FAQ’s

Answered by Emily Fishburn

What services do you offer?

Dolls & Sailors offer a number of event, formal and wedding styling services. I specialize in hair only and offer hair only packages to my guests. However I contract a brilliant and talented makeup artist Yvonne Budiac for all of my hair & makeup packages. We are very transparent about our pricing. Check out my blog introducing Yvonne as part of the Dolls & Sailors team!

Yvonne and I are also about to open up hair & makeup Education classes to our clients, where you can learn to style your own hair and apply fancy makeup at home! Watch our space.

What is required to book a wedding with Dolls & Sailors?

Once you made an intention to book with Dolls & Sailors, I will send through a booking confirmation email with the following forms to confirm your booking.

#1 – Booking Deposit
A form in which we require a $100 booking deposit to lock in your wedding date. Once paid, I will lock in your date!

#2 – Temporary Quote
Inclusive of all of the information we have discussed prior to booking, including bridal party number and pricing. This quote will be finalised no later than one week before your wedding day, before your final invoice is sent out.

#3Booking Form
Where I collect any contact details we may need in the lead up to your wedding day or special event. This form is completed online as a google form.

Do I need to book a wedding trial?

I very highly recommend booking a trial for these reasons:

  • It will make you more comfortable with your stylist/makeup artist, getting a feel for our preparation methods and ensuring you are happy with the quality of your service.
  • It will make your stylist/makeup artist more comfortable with you, we know what to expect on your wedding day in terms of your hair/skin type and the way it responds to our tools and products.
  • You may want to choose a different style to what you had originally picked. I offer to style your hair a few different ways so that you may get a gauge on what you REALLY want on your wedding day.
  • I go through your your bridal party and guest styling so that we may get your “final quote” just perfect.
  • I have the chance to recommend you to cut or colour your hair in a certain way to compliment your up-style.

Should I cut my hair before my wedding?

I always recommend having 6-8 weekly trims leading up to your wedding day. It will ensure your ends are healthy and that my styling is seamless.

How soon before my wedding day should I colour my hair?

It is your choice, however I do recommend colouring your hair no later than one week before your wedding day.

Do I wash my hair on my wedding day?

NO! I recommend you shampoo & condition your hair the morning before your wedding day. If you have typically oily hair, shampoo & condition the night before. If you have afro-frizzy hair, you may paddle-dry your hair smooth to cut down your stylist timing on your big day.

Do I need to purchase my own hair padding or hair extensions?

Dolls & Sailors provide all hair padding as part of our pricing, however I do not supply our brides with extensions. If you are having trouble finding some or have no idea where to start – let me know and I can recommend my favourites!

When would you recommend for me to purchase extensions?

If your hair is above your shoulders and quite fine, I may recommend for you to purchase clip in extensions for your wedding day. If your style is a long braid or a style that requires extra bulk, extensions will add thickness and body to your style. Some styles cannot be achieved without hair extensions!

How long will my service take?

Depending on length, thickness and complexity of style – it could take anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour for your hair-style. I often reserve an average of 45 minutes per person for a wedding party, allowing space to run ahead or behind. I always reserve a 1 hour session for our bride on her wedding day to ensure maximum effort is put in to creating a beautiful, lasting style.

Makeup normally takes between 1 hour to 1hour 15minutes depending on your chosen look. My artist will always provide touch-ups just before we leave your location to ensure the look is fresh.

I will do up a personal time schedule for you which will be sent out one week before your wedding day. If you are resourcing your own MUA, I will put in a preferred finishing time for them to have you (the bride) done by.

What time will you arrive to my “getting ready” location?

We will always aim to be at your location 15-30 minutes before styling commences to allow for “set-up” time.

What time will you finish my session?

It is common for us to create our time schedules to finish no later than 1 hour before you are due to walk down the aisle, however we are happy to go by what you are comfortable with and what suits your wedding day timeline.

What happens if I change my mind about what I’d like done with my or my bridesmaids hair/makeup on my wedding day?

At Dolls & Sailors, we always make sure to do a very thorough consultation on your trial date about you and your bridesmaids styling and makeup requirements. If, for some reason, you change your mind on the big day – dont stress! We can the timing work so that your day runs smoothly no-matter what.

We would require you to cover the difference if the styling becomes more complex than quoted (eg. your bridesmaids was quoted a blowdry, however chooses to have an up-style on the day).  We also offer a refund to the bride if the styling is less than quoted on your “final quote” (eg. your bridesmaid was quoted for an upstyle, but ends up getting a blowdry).

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