Sarah + Shay

Sarah + Shay

Elegant, relaxed and fun!


So we heard from this beautiful bride just three weeks before Sarah said “I do” to her fiance’ Shay.


Set at the beautiful Johnson hotel in Spring Hill, Sarah’s contemporary styled wedding was an absolute dream boat. Her dress had a cape (swoon!) made by the incredibly talented Carla Zampatti.


A backdrop of urban city views didn’t steal away the smile on this brides face as she said the two big words to unite them together forever.


While I can’t comment from my own experience, how great does the grooms hair look? ALMOST outshining the bride (just kidding, how could he with that babe on his arm?).

Sarah looked insanely beautiful with her swept wave, twisting some delicate baby’s breath through the back to complete her style.



Photography: Ron Caldecutt
Makeup: Makeup by Kaysie Maye
Hair: Dolls & Sailors
Sarah’s Dress: Carla Zampatti
Shay’s Suit: Pal Zileri

Published by Emily Fishburn - Dolls & Sailors


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