Kelsie + Tim

Kelsie + Tim

Two words: Mermaid Hair


Through correspondence (and thorough Facebook profile picture stalking) I soon learned Kelsie was a unique bride with unique hair. At her trial, I was not disappointed in my assessment.


Kelsie went for a style that enhanced her natural wavy locks, which could only be described as the hair of mermaids. I achieved this look by using my MUK curling want with the “small oval attachment”. A soft twist back through the front achieved a “1/2 up”look, adding elegance to the softness if the style.


Located up in the hinterlands of the Sunshine Coast, Kelsie’s wedding morning could not have been more perfect. Her three gorgeous bridesmaids chose the perfect soft bun + braid combo (no fries).


There where so many lovely suprises throughout the day, which made it all the more special for the Bride. Tim (now husband) MADE Kelsie an alarm clock thingy (I am no engineer so I have no idea the technical word for it) but it was super cool (just trust me). The Bride herself also made little succulents (so obsessed) in tea pots as her bouquets and table favours. So cute! So many unique ideas to tie together this quirky couple.


All in all, great day, gorgeous bridal party and a good amount of laughter.

Read more about Kelsie + Tim’s magical day here, in the eyes of Deezigner Images (photographer).



Photography by Deezigner Images 

Published by Emily Fishburn - Dolls & Sailors


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