Jasmine + Brendon

Jasmine + Brendon


Jasmine & Brendon were married in the quiet hinterlands of Somerset Dam, located north-west of Brisbane, Queensland.


I met Jas in Somerset in 2017 when I was lucky enough to be part of the Somerset Dam Wedding Expo.


I’d have to say that Jas was probably one of the most relaxed Brides that I have ever worked with. Her morning was filled with laughter, music and memories while we prepped and pampered her & her maids.


What a stunning compliment to a beautiful Bride, Jas’ two maids Jenaya and Zoe were head-to-toe gleeful at their best friends wedding.


Initially Jas was concerned about her fine-textured hair and had high hopes to have a delicate high-bun on her wedding day. We used hair-padding to ensure that her bun looked full and soft, leaving face framing out to soften.


Lucky their children didn’t require styling, I am not sure we could have done much with their fine, short hair.


Congratulations Jas & Brendon, we loved being part of your special day. See here for more beautiful photos of this happy couple, including some of the amazing scenery at Somerset!



Photography: Ethereal Photography

Hair: Dolls & Sailors

Makeup: Makeup by Kaysie Maye (sadly no-longer open for business) 


Published by Emily Fishburn - Dolls & Sailors


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