Dannie + Adam

Dannie + Adam


This beautiful couple blew my socks off, this is why.

I cannot get over how cute this couple looked on their wedding day. Dannie & Adam’s wedding stole a special place in my heart, I was so grateful to be a part of the morning getting ready.

I met Adam & Dannie nine years ago, when my husband David worked with Adam at our local McDonalds. All I remember upon meeting the new couple was, wow he’s batting (haha just kidding Adam, kind of).

I mean come-on… she’s movie-star material, AM-I-RIGHT?

A few years on, a few drunken parties and a couple of apprentice haircuts later, Dannie asks ME to style her wedding – I am a lucky girl! The morning was filled with reminiscing about silly times when we were all young and irresponsible.

I literally DROOLED over Dannie’s crown by Simona Bridal, I told anyone I could about it afterwards. The dress, from White Runway was also a dream boat and of COURSE makeup by the ever-amazing Yvonne Budiac MUA.

Dannie & Adam, thank-you so much for having me style the hair for your special day. You both look brilliant, Adam you actually are brilliant so buddy, Dannie is also one lucky gal.

Please take a few minutes to check out the AMAZING video of Adam & Dannie’s wedding by Market Lane Media here.

Photography: Marketlane Media
Videography: Marketlane Media
Hair: Dolls & Sailors
Makeup: Yvonne Budiac MUA
Crown: Simona Bridal
Dress: White Runway

Published by Emily Fishburn - Dolls & Sailors


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