Wedding Hair – Do’s & Do Not’s

Hey Dolls,

Fretting about your wedding regrets prematurely?

That’s ok, every bride has their “fantasy vs. reality” rain-check after the wedding day. Maybe it’s a part of those post-wedding woes you go through as a bride who expects her wedding day to be nothing short of PERFECT.

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It’s Hard Work Being a Unicorn

Hey Dolls,

Do you want to be a Unicorn?

I think we’d all love to channel our inner unicorn into our every day life. One great way to do that is to wear beautiful unicorn-like hair colours.

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How to stop your Maids from looking as pretty as you on your wedding day.

Hi Dolls,

Are you planning a wedding?

I’m sure you’ve realized by this point that not only do you get to choose your own venue, dress, shoes, hair, makeup, car, husband’s suit, food, photographer etc etc etc ETC! You also get to be the ultimate decider of what goes on your bestie-bridesmaids bodies, faces and heads. If so, I’m sure you’ve begun to peruse the inter-webs for all the things your bridesmaids should be wearing to ensure you aren’t upstaged on your wedding day.

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Kids have hair too

Hey Dolls,

Do you have kids?

If you do, you’ve probably had one or two screaming matches through the bathroom door about washing their hair. So once you’ve one the argument, can you tell me that your kids are using the right kind of shampoo & conditioner?

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Silky Smooth

Hey Dollies,

Do you wash your hair?

Yes that’s right folks, it’s not rocket science. This weekly routine is a necessity of life, ensuring your friends and family don’t pinch their noses when they get within a two foot radius of you due to the pong ascending from your oily, dirty, unwashed hair. But do you really know what you are using or if it is beneficial to your hair-type?

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