Like, if you’re just being polite its cool I’ll give you a preview:
❤ My name is Emily Fishburn. When I say “us” or “we” I mean me. Just me.
❤ I have 12 years experience in the hair industry
❤ If you are tattoo’d, you like plants/coffee/art and you’re not a shit person – you’re my kind of client and I want to play with your hair
❤ I love retro/vintage/rockabilly stuff
❤ I’m a Mum of two boys and a wife of a bearded man

My philosophy:

My salon is a one-on-one service.

When I had my babies, I found it hard to take them to get my hair done. Lewis would constantly want to get out of the pram and Sonny just wanted to be on my boob THE WHOLE TIME. I always felt self conscious of taking them places. MY SPACE IS A SAFE SPACE TO BRING YOUR BABIES. There will be no other bookings in the salon besides you.

In saying that…pre-kids…man I’d be annoyed if people brought their kids into the salon. Like my clients are there to relax and not to listen to your kids. WHICH IS WHY my one-on-one service offer is also perfect for people who want to relax…if you don’t bring your kids…there will be no kids in the salon! Whaala…peace and quiet.

Working from home? Cool, come get your hair done and plug your laptop into my power sockets: no extra charge.

Clingy dog? New Puppy? Please bring them in. Like…please.

Don’t wanna talk to me? That’s totally cool. Just let me know you want to relax, I’ll turn the music up and we can both zone out and think about food and puppies while I listen and look over your shoulder at your tik tok feed. And I’ll give you some good hair.

I have always yearned for a space of my own. I am an alternative gal and I have found it hard to “fit in” to the normal stereotypes that surround industry. I wanted to create a space that I like to hang out in, with people I like to hang out with…doing a job that I am so freaking passionate about.


Like…I don’t know if you know this we are currently amidst a global pandemic.

WHICH MEANS, no hugging, kissing, holding my hand, coughing, sneezing or breathing ok? Alright alright…just kidding kind of…but seriously I will be following government advice on social distancing (when I’m not touching your actual hair).

❤ One-on-one services only, please only bring family members who reside in your home (ie. children) unless you are an immediate carer for a person who is elderly or has special needs
❤ Your station will have a sanitiser pump to use at any time
❤ I repeat – you must refrain from kissing me
❤ I will be wiping down and sanitising all equipment between clients (including chairs, stations and anything you’ve breathed on or touched)
❤ I am not allowing walk-in’s (ie. the salon will be locked to the public for the duration of your appointment)
❤ I won’t be accepting cash payment (eftpos & afterpay only)
❤ I have the right to refuse service of anybody whom I deem to be too sick (sick AT ALL). If you claim it’s just allergies, I might still turn you away. Just stay the fork home if you’re sick
❤ I will waive my cancellation policy for this time, please cancel at any time if you are feeling unwell
❤ I will cancel/reschedule your appointment if I am sick in ANY way (even just a head cold)

If you have any questions about my practises, or wish for there to be extra methods in place please feel free to contact me at any time and I will be as accommodating as I can.

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