(whoever wrote that clearly doesn’t understand my ability to prattle on about stuff…)

When I was staring at my laptop trying to create a blurb for this section of the website – the only thing I ruminated on was the feedback we receive constantly from the wonderful people who visit the parlour to get their hair done.


After over a decade working for busy, high-end salons I realised that the thing I most value as a hairdresser is having a safe, inclusive and relaxing space to work in.

I tell you, in the past working 38hrs+ a week on your feet while taking in 10+ clients per day (sometimes more); jumping from Sandra’s foils to Lucille’s global colour, back to Sandra’s haircut and then squeezing in a rando eyebrow wax in-between; all the while missing an opportunity to do basic life requirements like eat food and drink water…it’s stressful. Meanwhile poor Lucille is left waiting for 45mins for me to return because there was some hiccup with my first client’s payment and I needed to quickly pee.

This idea of “busy” salon stereotypes had me perplexed, why does it have to be like this? The answer to myself was, it doesn’t.”

I envisioned a work space where I could take time to sit down and chat to you, thoroughly, about your hair goals and woes; the time to change what you originally booked in for on the fly, because we’ve come up with this new brilliant hair idea; being able to stay with you throughout the entire process from colouring to delivering a mind-blowing head massage and to finally educating you on how to style and look after your locks at home.

At Dolls & Sailors, we strive to make our one-on-one service comfortable for you and us. We want you to be able to relax knowing that your stylist has taken their time to be 100% on the same page about how you want to leave and to be able to provide you with a space for you to enjoy peace, calm and quiet (inappropriate jokes and maybe some spontaneous singing).


As a queer, neurodivergent woman – I value making the parlour an inclusive space for all humans. This is a safe, inclusive space.

(unless you don’t have hair….that may be an issue).


Because hair has no gender – duh.
You’re paying for our time.

Tell us your pro-nouns & how you’d like your hair to be did.

Also….like can you bring your dogs please?

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