Dolls & Sailors Top 10 Bridal Hair-styles for 2019 so far…

Hey Dolls,

June 2019 has come upon us faster than Bran’s ascension to the throne (oops…GOT spoiler alert!). So fast so that I didn’t even get the chance to do my 2019 wedding trend predictions for the year. So instead, lets look over the last 6 months of styling fun!

Now before you get all hoity-toity about me big noting my styling skills, by “top looks” what I really mean is my favourite styles to do this year. The styles that makes me a do a little happy dance when my brides show me an inspiration photo that is both achievable and really fun to do!

In no particular order…

1. Claire

This low twisted bun was a dream to create for Claire (bridesmaid). Blondes always show up an extreme amount of texture,which prove for amazing photos.

2. Caitlin

Shorter hair can sometimes be a bit tricky to style on wedding days, the key is to be realistic about your options! Lucky there are still some really fun ideas, such as this 1/2 up braided style I created for bridesmaid Caitlin.

3. Emma

Whilst short hair is tricky, fine hair can be down right difficult to style. Emma chose a very simple textured chignon with a thin braid through the side. We turned her fine hair into something photo-worthy (and without padding!).

4. Tiffany

This low twisted bun had me loving life at this particular wedding. Tiffany had LONG thick hair, which was ideal to create the volume that this bun needed.

5. Lauren

Did someone say Mermaid-hair? LOVE LOVE loved this long wave for Lauren – accentuated by some FAKE flowers (fake? yep…from Spotlight)

6. Berny

A similar style to the CLAIRE – but in brunette! Bernadette rocked her low twisted bun as sister/bridesmaid to Kate (below).

7. Kate

This bride-to-be-style had me swooning from the trial! We initially used padding to create volume to this style in Kate’s trial, however on the day decided to switch to a more natural chignon. She wore a veil through the top on the day.

8. Tash

BRAIDS! Loved creating this braided-bridal-do for Tash at the Dayboro Cottages and Llama Walks. The additional tiara was obviously a must!

9. Nat

Bride-to-be Nat decided on a relaxed roll-up for her bridal hairstyle. We added a leafy brooch after this photo was taken.

10. Jade

QUEEN of hair accessories, Jade complimented her Vera Wang with a very understated wave. Not one for big and fancy (ha!) she decided to be more herself and wear her hair in a style she felt comfortable in for the day. We jazzed it up with some hair bobbies.

Well..there you have it folks! For more hairstyling inspo and to stay up to the latest styling trends follow us on Instagram.

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