Yo’ Mumma

Hi Dolls,

Is your daughter or son getting married this year?

I always advise Mother-of-the-Bride/Groom (or as us annoying millennial’s like to do, call it MOB/G) to absolutely get their hair & makeup perfected on their child’s wedding day. Sometimes I hear things like “oh, I don’t want to be a bother” and “the day is not about me” when I ask Mumma’s what they’d like done with their hair for their daughters wedding.

As a mother, I can sympathize why most Mum’s would feel quite the pressure of their of child’s big wedding day. “Giving” your children to another in such an exceptional way would be a HUGE milestone in any parents life. For this reason, I feel like a wedding belongs to the parents as much as couple walking down the aisle.

Therefore, get yourself looking a million bucks on the big day. All eyes are on the bride, but you made her and that means you need to look like the queen-bee that you most certainly are!

Now we’ve covered that, lets talk HAIR! I’ve got a few idea’s if your stuck for hair inspiration as MOB/G…

Textured French Roll




This is my #1 favourite style for a Mum who want’s to have an up-do, but doesn’t want to look like a bridesmaid. It’s textured to feel modern and chic while still feeling sophisticated. These styles go really well with a busy neckline, large earrings or a heavily textured outfit. If you are worried about having your hair look too severely off your face, I recommend to leave a few soft tendrils out around the for softness.

PS. this is my Mum, ain’t she a doll?

Check out more Textured French Roll’s here.

1/2 Up – Rope Braid




This is a beautiful style for a Mum who would like a very soft style that is out of her face, but complimenting her neck and shoulders. I would recommend this style to a MOB/G who might be wearing an outfit that exposes the neckline or has a very simple design – making the hair more of the feature.

Check out some other 1/2 Up-do’s here.

Low Bun




A very elegant style for any Mum who want’s to wear her hair up on the big day. This style doesn’t have any drapery around the face, however does sit low across the ear to ensure that it is still soft and comfortable for a Mum who may not want hair on her face during the day. Not dissimilar to the “Messy French Roll”, this style would site a high neckline, bulky jewelry at a very formal wedding affair.

Check out some more idea’s for the Low Bun here.





Oh look it’s my baben Mum again!
For the Mum who’d like nothing more than to keep it natural on her daughters big day, a blow-dry with rollers or a beautiful MUK curling wand wave is what I could recommend. My Mum, Eve – thought to wear her hair in big bouncy waves for my wedding because that’s how she loves to wear her hair on formal occasions!

Click here to see more bouncy curl ideas.

Anything you bloody want!


Mumma, you have so many options when it comes to styling for your child’s wedding. I don’t believe there are wedding up-do’s that befit a certain age or stereotype. Wear what makes you feel good and it will sparkle in the photos! When in doubt, jump on Pinterest – it has an AMAZING array of styles to choose from. Don’t forget, your stylist (me) is always here to help!

I regularly update my Pinterest board for the latest wedding up-dos, follow me here!

Image Set #1 – Dolls & Sailors
Image Set #2 – Dolls & Sailors
Image Set #3 – Dolls & Sailors
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Image #5 – Pinterest
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