It’s Hard Work Being a Unicorn

Hey Dolls,

Do you want to be a Unicorn?

I think we’d all love to channel our inner unicorn into our every day life. One great way to do that is to wear beautiful unicorn-like hair colours.

If you’ve ever wanted to change your hair colour to something than the obvious red, brown or blonde, this article will give you insight as to what your options are, realistic expectations of what you can have, general upkeep and maintenance of the typical unicorn.



What does it mean to be a Unicorn?

Well, I use the mythical wonder that is a Unicorn to describe my salon clients that want any and all colours of the rainbow. Unicorns are legendary and graceful, which is exactly how you’re gong to feel after I’m done creating my masterpiece on your hair.

Sheree Knobel owner of Bixie Colour hosting the REDKEN “Pastels” colour seminar. Sheree chose to wear her Unicorn pinks & blues softly through the ends of her hair.

You may choose anything from pastel foils just subtly peaking out front under your natural or artificial boring colour OR an all over neon colour which will dazzle all who look upon every inch of your hair region. Whichever the case…there are a few things you need to know before you choose which path to take.


Tip: If you are only want to be slightly majestic, you may choose Unicorn colours in a foil underneath your hairstyle. That way you can hide it from your evil goblin bosses or orc-like school teachers.

Your hair needs to be healthy(ish)

So before we start this mystical journey, your hair needs to be somewhat healthy. If you are natural OR have been having salon colours that aren’t blonde, it means we are going to have to pre-lighten where you’d like your unicorn colour. Pre-lightening (ie. bleaching) literally strips your hair of all its pigment, breaking the natural elements to your hair. If we apply the bright colours to pre-lightened DAMAGED hair (which I wouldn’t actually ever do) then your colour has zero chance of holding for longer than one wash.


Tip: If your hair is already blonde, most Unicorn shades will work on you! No pre-bleaching required, however you may have to change your maintenance regime.

Here’s how to prepare to be a Unicorn, and what product maintenance schedule you should be using to ensure your hair holds.

Speaking of the colour holding…

Yeah so, these colours are specifically designed to be as artificial as they come. No-one has pink, people, blue or green hair naturally growing from their scalps. Meaning they are not going to last. Also meaning frequent trips to your hairdresser OR getting handy with your touch up colour at home.

From personal experience, I had to refresh my pink at least once a fortnight for about four months before it actually held for longer than a month (example below of how my hair fades back, lucky I take a lot of selfies eh?). Now, one year on, I get my pink done only when I get my roots bleached (every 6-8weeks).

Tip: Try to wash your hair less frequently to get maximum time out of your colour. It is especially important to let the molecules settle in the first 48 hours, so no washing in that time.


Yes, this is the one time I’ll let you colour your hair at home.

So I recommend you invest in a good take home direct dye for your colour refresh. I get that you may not have the time or money to see me every two weeks at the beginning of your Unicorn colour. You can purchase things like Manic Panic or Crazy Colour from price attack. The key is getting the right one and don’t get all fancy by changing your unicorn shade without consulting a professional. There are elements of the colour wheel you may not be aware of that may totally wreck your colour. This advice is purely based on the intention to keep the colour I give you in salon. You may enjoy the wash-back tones you get, like I do with my pink. If you have a multi-tonal look, you wont be able to refresh at home yourself. Knowing a realistic impression of what you may be able to afford when it comes to up-keep should be the key to picking which colour you are going to go for.

Tip: Buy some Vaseline to put around your hairline to avoid major stainage. Put out a towel in about a two meter radius of your application space, this shit gets EVERYWHERE and there are some things gumption can not remove.


Reasons why the Unicorn might not be for you

• You are broke: these colours are HIGH maintenance and often come with a HIGH price tag, even if you are refreshing in-between at home.

• You have no time for anything: you’re going to have to come into the salon or apply refresher colours quite frequently in the first few months.

• You HAVE to wash your hair daily: I mean, you can be a Unicorn but… you’ll be refreshing your colour weekly (literally).

• You are a swimmer: Chlorine will strip your colour out COMPLETELY. I wouldn’t bother having Unicorn hair, however this isn’t an absolute deal breaker!

• You go to a private school: While being a Unicorn is a genuinely amazing thing, you may just want to stick to clip in extensions on the weekends to avoid doing detention on them.

• Your Hair is trashed: We (hairdressers) simply will not (shouldn’t) do it. If your hair is not worthy now, why would it be after we’ve spent our precious time giving you an amazing colour that won’t last?

• You use supermarket Shampoo & Conditioner: If you have to ask why, you’re just not ready yet.

As they say, the world would be a boring place if we were all the same. It would be an amazing place if there where more Unicorns, Mermaids and Fairies. Be bright, be bold and be fun!

“Always be yourself. Unless you can be a Unicorn…then always be a Unicorn.”

How are you meant to choose your colour?

Here’s a BUTTLOAD of inspo for your viewing pleasure. If you don’t already, I recommend following these artists and the work they create.

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Image #2 – Dolls & Sailors
Image #1 – REDKEN
Image #3 – Bixie Colour
Image #4 – Verona Hair
Image #5 – Dolls & Sailors
Image #6 – Verona Hair
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