Kids have hair too

Hey Dolls,

Do you have kids?

If you do, you’ve probably had one or two screaming matches through the bathroom door about washing their hair. So once you’ve one the argument, can you tell me that your kids are using the right kind of shampoo & conditioner?

I’m a Mum so I do understand all of the issues that come with the job-title. While we rarely get the chance to do the job on ourselves, we are always on top of our kids hygiene. Sometimes it’s because you don’t want those judgmental bitches at school drop off whispering about your kids funky smelling hair. Mostly it’s about your kids general well being. Regardless to what drives you (I don’t judge if it’s more of column-a than column-b), let me give you some tips on everything hair related.

My son, Lewis

I divide this subject into three age groups…

Under 4’s

Small children under the age of four should be limited to ‘tear free’ shampoos to eliminate the worry of getting soap in their eyes. For the first year of your child’s life you may choose not to ‘shampoo’ their hair as they may not actually have much! I just used the body wash or even water on a washer when they were weenie. The earlier you start, the less fear the child will have of having their hair touched. 

I personally started shampooing my sons hair at about six months with an organic shampoo, as I noticed it becoming smelly and squeaky after using his regular bath wash. I choose not to use conditioner with this age group, however it is a personal choice.

Recommended Brands

I will always recommend reputable brands like QV, which has been around for decades. Personally I shampoo my sons hair with the GAIA Natural Baby Shampoo. Yes I do buy this from Coles, this is my absolute one exception to my “don’t buy your hair & skin care at the supermarket” rule. The GAIA Baby Shampoo is Sulphate Free and pretty much has no ingredients that are harmful to my bub’s scalp. It always leaves his hair smelling lovely.

This crap will dry out your babies skin to no end, causing more issues. Yeah, it smells pretty but it is FULL of nasty chemicals. Read the back of the bottle, it’s ridiculous.  

Primary kids

Primary-age children (five to eleven years of age) should be shampooing their hair, especially if it smells. You may follow the fine, medium and course rules as recommended in this post. A daily shampoo & conditioner with a little bit of moisture in it will do just fine for your primary aged Doll or Sailor.

ALWAYS shampoo & condition your child’s hair after they have swum in a chlorinated pool, thus avoiding the squeaky “barbie-doll” like hair texture that comes with the lime green shade your child’s hair goes when they swim in the summer. Check your child’s hair regularly for the dreaded beasts known as knits and their eggs, even if little Freddie promised he didn’t share hats at school this week. My advice for any parent with a primary aged child is to use shampoos & conditioners with a tea-tree smell to them to dissuade the beasts from entering their personal space.

On a final note, I don’t recommend you to keep your kids shampoo in the shower and bath in a reachable distance at all times. Only bring it out when they need to do it, otherwise they might end up over-using the bottles.

Recommended Brands

FIX Shampoo 500ml – $14.95 Price Attack
NAK Hydrate 375ml Shampoo & Conditioner – $39.95 at Hairhouse Warehouse

Tip: If you buy a pack from a salon, they usually come with a free treatment. Be selfish and keep that treatment for yourself! 


Do you remember being one? If you don’t, here’s a little nostalgia for you. Oily, greasy, frizzy hair. It’s a conundrum that most teens agonize about for at least two years until they’ve found some kind of bodily acceptance. My condolences and prayers are with you poor parents who have to fight with your teenage offspring to even go for a shower, let alone wash their hair.

If your teen is oily, I’d refer back to the oily hair section part of this blog post with one alteration. Still get your kids to use the conditioner specific to their hair type. It will save your child’s ends from becoming dry, adding to the long list of things they hate about their hair.

Recommended Brands

PPS 375ml Shampoo & Conditioner – $19.95 each Price Attack
PAUL MITCHELL 300ml Shampoo & Conidtioner – $20.95 each Price Attack

Tip: Even if your child doesn’t have coloured hair, it is ok to use shampoo & conditioner specific to coloured hair. More often than not it just contains the moisture and protein that most hair needs, even if it is not coloured.

I just cannot stand children with smelly hair. I’m that judgmental bitch, it’s a pet-peeve and as a hairdresser who often has to cut kid’s dirty hair I’m happy to admit it!

As a hairdresser, I am always going to recommend professional products by the age your child turns five. Your children’s hair growth is important, as is the opportunity not to introduce their hair to nasty, unneeded chemicals and parabens.

In saying all of that – the mum and mortgage payer in me will always be a realist. No, don’t buy your five year old a $60 bottle of shampoo.  Also don’t leave any shampoo & conditioner in the shower at arms reach, don’t be an idiot they’re gonna pour that bottle down the drain. If they are old enough to know better, make them pay for it out of their pocket money. Start teaching your children early that they should be using quality products, in the long run it is going to save them money one way or another.

You can purchase relatively cheap shampoo & conditioner from places like Price Attack & Hairhouse Warehouse that won’t break the bank but will be good for your kids hair and scalp. Remember, if you buy professional products – they are not diluted. The cheaper the shampoo, the more you have to use ESPECIALLY when it is supermarket bought. Buy a better quality shampoo, don’t buy it from the place you get your cereal.


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