Brush, brush, brush my hair!

Hey Dolls,

Do you have a favorite hair brush?

Only if you’re lucky. Finding the perfect brush for your hair-type would have to be one of the most satisfying experiences like…ever.

It’s like putting your toast in the toaster and it coming out perfect – first time or having JUST the right amount of wine left in the bottle for one whole glass.

So for your viewing pleasure, I have collaborated a list of my ALL TIME favorite hair and blow-dry brushes.

Tangle Teezer

I have put this amazing hunk of plastic at the top of my list for a very good reason, I use it for EVERYTHING! As a hairdresser I recommend this brush to everybody, especially those that cannot resist the urge to “brush” their hair while it’s wet.


I personally use this brush in the shower to brush through my conditioner/treatment, allowing it to distribute the product evenly.  Although I do not limit it’s ability to that alone, I use it to brush my hair and put my hair up into pony-tails. If you haven’t jumped on the Tangle Teezer bandwagon, please do yourself a favour and buy one immediately.

Paddle Brush

Paddle brushes are BRILLIANT for brushing out your hair while you blowdry. For the people who cannot seem to get their arms and hands to work around a blowdrier and a blowdry brush, this apparatus is my go to for easy smoothing.


With it’s combing bristles, I find it easy to create volume in my own hair by brushing in the opposite direction to my hairs natural fall. I also use this brush to smooth out hair before using straightening irons, it cut’s down your thermal time by half by prepping the cuticle to be straightened. Don’t bother with expensive Paddle Brushes unless you are a stylist, the cheapy ones work just as well!


Despite the potentially high price-tag, DuBoa Brushes are by far the highest quality nylon brush you can buy. These Japanese-made brushes have been around for decades, most of you have owned one at least once in your life without even knowing it.


I personally own two of these brushes, one for home use and one in my hairdressing kit. Great for really thick hair and scalp exfoliation. I wouldn’t recommend using this brush on wet hair, stick to your Tangle Teezer for that. If you find you have a problem with dandruff, this baby will caress your scalp and remove any excess flaking from the hair before you wash.

Round Brush Ceramic

Some people section these brushes for only “hairdresser-use”. I emplore you to try one, you might suprise yourself on how well you’re able to use it! If you are willing, there is always a way. Round brushes are fantastic for volume, bounce and smoothness all in one. CERAMIC round brushes heat up while you blowdry, making it an easier styling process.


The bigger the brush, the lesser the grip and especially the lesser the curl. I like to point out that the smaller the brush diameter, the more amount of curl you are going to give yourself. So even if you have shoulder-length hair, you could use a small/medium brush to give your hair more bouncy curl on your ends. If it is a smooth/straight finish you are after, stick to your Paddle Brush.


I own pure bristle round-brushes AND ceramic round-brushes, it really is a personal choice dependent on your skill level. One handy tip I can give you is, buy your round-brushes with rubber grips on the handle. It will make your life a whole lot easier.

Maybe you own a few of these brushes and just forgot they were in your drawer, or perhaps you’ve never seen them before. Either way, having options is always beneficial to creating new, exciting looks with your hair with excellent time efficiency.

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