Don’t tell me you “can’t”

Hey Dolls,

Can you curl your own hair?

Do you have hands? Then yes, you can.

I hear it time after time the promises my clients make me about using their hot tools. Honestly, couldn’t care less if you wear your hair in a bun every day if that’s what your heart so desires. But for that 80% of women who sit in my chair and say I’m “bored” with my hair, but I don’t want to change my colour or length. There is only one answer I can give you. Upgrade or introduce your styling tools back into your daily routine!

Straightening Irons

Well… it turns out they don’t just straighten the hair. You can straighten ,wave or curl your hair with these fantastic inventions. They should really be called “Mum Irons” because they do everything!

I created this boho-wave with my Cloud Nine hair straightener, leaving the ends out to create a more natural wave.

Whilst everyone refers to the GHD as the ‘mother-of-irons,’ my personal favourite straightening iron is actually the Cloud Nine.


This iron is actually made by one of the dudes who invented the GHD, who branched out on his own and created an multi-purpose iron which lessens the amount of damage to the hair. It has Korean Rock Mineral covered plating for a smoother, anti-static finish AND a temperature control.

Curling Wands

My personal favourite tool for curling hair. While straighteners are definitely my go to for short haired clients (because I don’t love them enough to burn my fingers/hands/arms/legs/face/dog), I do prefer a curling wand for majority of my vintage, glamour and boho waves. You can even use them as a replacement for hot rollers if you have the know how!

Same Model: I used the MUK curling wand to create this beautiful vintage wave, a style I use on my own hair all the time!

I’m OBSESSED with my MUK curling wand, which I use exclusively for upstyling. I don’t need another wand in my kit, the MUK curling wand comes with six different size and shaped wand attachments as well as a heat control.

So you’ve bought your preferred hot tool, your hairdresser (hopefully) has shown you how to use it. You get home and you stand in front of the mirror, pick up your tool and immediately manage to make yourself look like you’ve just taken out a french braid, that was braided by a toddler. So you put that hot tool right back in your cupboard, never to be seen or talked about again.

Ladies, repeat after me: I am woman. I am intelligent. I am courageous. I kick ass. I can curl or straighten my hair.


Practise! Did you think I knew how to curl my own hair before I became a hairdresser? Nope. I was awful at it! But I practiced over and over until I got it right.

It’s also about giving yourself time to get it really wrong. Which may happen! Don’t be disheartened. Start small. If you get frustrated, eat a snickers and try again tomorrow. Ask your stylist questions, get them to show you in the mirror.


Don’t let the media fails get you worried about a potential hair burning crisis. If you buy quality tools recommended by your hairdresser, you won’t fall into trouble. You’ll also find by purchasing brands similar to my recommended favorites; they’ll give you a better result; your hair will be healthier for it due to the technology very thoroughly tested;  being that the irons are really well engineered, the iron it self will outlast a small animal (not even kidding, I’ve had one of my GHD’s for ten years).

Remember we live in a world where you can learn to do literally anything online. Wanna learn how to macrame? Google it. Can’t change a lightbulb? Ask Siri. Forget how to curl or straighten your hair? Look it up on YouTube!

Check out an example of a hair curling tutorial here.


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