Look after it, or lose it

Hey Dolls,

Is your hair healthy?

Hair becomes dry, there is nothing you can do about it. Most often hair dryness is caused by colouring and styling you hair with hot tools. To most most peoples surprise, dry hair can also be caused by simple (and unavoidable things) such as sun damage; over exposure of chlorine and salt; and even the harshness of tap water!

If your hair is frizzy or dry, due to the hair not being in its prime condition, your haircut isn’t going to sit properly, your colour isn’t going to come out perfect and your styling time may be doubled!

So what does having and maintaining healthy hair entail?

#1 – Shampoo & Conditioner

Cleaning and conditioning your hair is the first step to having healthy (nice smelling) hair. I don’t know for certain, but let’s assume the 98% of you reading this have washed your hair in the last week (the other 2% are probably mothers). Would you all be able to tell me what is in your shampoo & conditioner? What is it doing for your hair?

Do you know who could answer that question? Your stylist! Check with them to make sure you are using the BEST possible shampoo for your hairtype. Remember, by using QUALITY products you are in-turn laying down the fundamentals for your healthy hair routine, just like you start off the day with a healthy wholesome breakfast.

Note: If you have coarse hair, use a shampoo with a smoothing element to it. It will cut down your styling time by pre-smoothing your hair. Alternatively, if you have fine hair use volumizing shampoo to enhance thickness and plump up your hair before you even style it. These small things you can add to your routine will make life easier in the long run.


I use REDKEN Colour Extend Magnetics shampoo & conditioner to maintain the vibrant tones in my hair. As people like to point out all the time, its pink and it fades SUPER quick.

#2 – Treatment

Treatments are super undervalued when it comes to hair maintenance . I know this because sometimes my clients tell me they of treatments as just a “treat” every now and again (not sure why – the name itself might be misleading). In part this is true, but your “every now and again” should, in my opinion, definitely translate to at least once a week. Think of a weekly treatment like taking a multivitamin, it replenishes the stores by giving you a supplement for what you are lacking. In essence, that is what a treatment is doing for your hair.

Note: If you don’t have much time, purchase a 3-5minute treatment such as REDKEN Mega Mask. That way you can whack it on and do the necessities only while it processes, girl it’s better than nothing!

If you like a good pampering session, buy yourself a 5-15 minute treatment such as REDKEN Super Treatment Mask. Pre shampoo and pop your treatment on (always comb through to get full saturation of product) do a facial balm or body scrub; shave your legs; use it as an excuse to take five (or fifteen) and chill.

#3 Leave-in Moisturizer/Conditioner

Leave in moisturisers/conditioners are multi-use products which MUST become part of your hair care routine. Probably the fastest way to condition your locks, these little bottles of liquid crack (for hair) come in three different forms: sprays, creams and mousses. Think of it like the good old h2o of hair products. It’ll hydrate your lovely locks, ensuring ultimate shine and softness factor (much like how water hydrates the skin).

Note: use the moisturizer as a styling tool to perfect your haircut. If you have thick, unruly hair you could try purchasing a heavy leave-in conditioner with perhaps some hold in it to pre-smooth your hair. In the same sense, if you have fine hair you will use a moisturizing spray with perhaps a volumizing element to it. Who doesn’t like a two for one?

I use Pureology Colour Fanatic 21 Benefits Spray. Like I said, liquid crack for hair. This shit does EVERYTHING. It has brought my hair back from the dead, giving it shine and vitality. EVERYONE should have one of these in their hair arsenal.

#4 Flat Iron Spray (or thermal spray)

Most of us will be willing to admit we’ve over-styled our hair at one point or another. Whether it is blow drying, curling or straightening; you are doing damage to the hair. Think of a hot tool like an oven. You’re baking cookies on 200degrees and you pull the tray out without a tea-towel or an oven mitt. OUCH! (F@&$, S*^%, C@&!). So the average hair straightener or curling wand gets to roughly the same temperature. If you are leaving your hair bare naked to your hot tool, it’s not having a good time. Your hair would be using those profanities when you see that steam rising from its poor, fragile surface.

Note: Hot tools, such as flat irons, can also cause accelerated colour fade – much like the sun fades our clothing. Prevention is key. PROTECT your hair from heat and PREVENT your hair from damage.

I use REDKEN Iron Shape 11 before ANYTHING (even a blow-drier) touches my hair.

#5 Serum (Hair oil)

Not only is hair serum good for making your hair visibly shiney and soft, purchase the right one and it may be adding some extra moisture and protection to the hair. It may also protect you hair from pollution by adding a thin layer of oil over any already fragile pockets of dryness. You can use your oil as a “sunscreen” for your hair, protecting it from elements such as the sun, chlorine and salt.

Note: Hair oil will also add vibrancy to your colour, especially blondes which don’t tend to have a natural shine.

I use REDKEN All Soft Argan Oil – this oil is enriched with omega-6, nourishing my poor bleached, over styled hair. I apply this baby before I brush, after I style and when my hair gets frizzy!

So we all put ourselves last when it comes to anything but the necessities. I guess it comes down to what you prioritise? For me, I love nothing more than having hair. Ahem, healthy hair. This is the reason why I can go different colours, such as FLAMINGO pink. Even if you’re not interested in being as flamboyant as me, there are definitely other perks to having shiney, bouncy hair.

If you have healthy hair you will have next to no trouble changing/maintaining your colour or cut. That is, your hairdresser won’t. If you have healthy hair, it means we can lighten or grow your hair without being scared you’ll end up with half of your locks entangled in our brush due to serious snappage (yikes!).



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