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Hi Dolls,

Are you part of a bridal party this year?


So you’re busy planning the hens night, worrying about the overzealous bride getting in over her head in wedding planning and making sure you’ve ticked all the boxes on that gargantuan list that bridey-dearest has given you. Your beautiful bestie has also asked you to make the desicion on bridemaids hair and you have no freaking idea where to start.

Keep reading babe, we got you sorted. I’ve done some weddings (it’s actually all I do) and I know some stuff. Check out our top ten bridesmaids of the last year! Maybe you’ll find something the bride will like (or wont, they don’t call them bridezilla’s for nothing).


This twisted chignon made an appearance on the lovely head of Lydia back in October 2017. This style is super relaxed with a touch of elegance. Despite the rain, Lydia still nailed her bridesmaid look!



Ashley rocked this messy low bun at a last minute wedding last year in September. To create this look, I used REDKEN Fashion Waves for volume and REDKEN Powder Grip for texture. Ashley was worried that her hair may not be long enough to create an upstyle with, I’m stubborn so naturally I made it happen. Just kidding, there is a lot you can do with fine, shoulder-length hair! Exhibit A:



Well. might I just say this is the longest that it has EVER taken me to do one upstyle, brides included. This beauty had AFRO curly hair when she sat down in my chair, and was transformed into this lovely elegant/boho updo. I LOVE WORKING WITH FLOWERS! Maybe if I say it enough, more brides will let me do it IDK.



Jess, sister of the bride and bridesmaid looked just so beautiful with her soft wave at this wedding we styled. This relaxed 1/2 up do brought out the natural highlights in Jess’ blonde hair and looked just so pretty on the day. I achieved this look by using my MUK curling wand.


This high elegant bun was also part of the wedding previously mentioned above in number 1. Monique had GORGEOUS hair to work with, however we did need to add a little bit of padding into the bun to give it that “full” look. Padding is one of my favourite tools to enhance upstyles to make them look like there is plenty of hair, when in actual fact there may not be.

The symmetry in this wedding really pleased the OCD part of my soul.


{left to right} Lucy, Lydia, Jess, Kadie, Indie, Monique 


This is was my very first wedding under the banner of Dolls & Sailors and I couldn’t have asked for a more lovely bunch of girls. Three bridesmaids with totally different hair all pulled off this amazing messy bun/braid combo. I used REDKEN Rootful 06 to achieve a soft volume and textured look before braiding.



This lovely soft updo is a combination of a dutch-braid and messy chignon. Leaving a few strands out through the front takes the severity out of the style, creating softness around the face. A crowd favorite the old “braid/bun combo”, I found myself re-creating this look over and over.



Now Luisa wasn’t a bridesmaid, but I would LOVE to do more of these styles for bridal parties. This is called a crown braid and it can be as smooth or messy as you like! Entwine some flowers through the texture and you’ve got the perfect boho bridesmaid.



THIS ONE TIME I GOT TO DO A VINTAGE WAVE FOR A BRIDESMAID AND IT WAS AMAZING…oops did I leave my caps lock on intentionally? Seriously GIVE ME MORE VINTAGE. Be like Beck, awsome, beautiful VINTAGE WAVE Beck. This look was awsomely achieved with my MUK curling want, a bit of shine spray and a LOT of hairspray.


So before you start telling your bestie bride “You’re more beautiful than Cinderella. You smell like pine needles, and you have a face like sunshine”, take her mind off the styling choices.


Just kidding my Brides, you’re all awesome! I was one in 2014 and I’m more than sure my flipping out to my maids over my nail colour being one shade darker than my lipstick colour was reasonable. Right?

Give yourselves a well deserved ‘decision making’ break and look at my Instagram for inspo!



All images by Emily Fishburn (me) Dolls & Sailors
Hair Styling by me, Emily Fishburn
Makeup by Kaysie Maye from Makeup by Kaysie Maye
Products mentioned – Redken

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