Get real!

Hey Dolls,

Do you have time for new hair?

This is a question that gets thrown into my consultation a lot when it comes to my Verona clients, especially when I hear the phrases “I’m bored with my…”, ” I don’t have time..”, “I want a new…”. You can fill in those blanks if you like, but usually my responses go a little something like this.

I’m bored with my…


Get a new one, hair grows back! Don’t be afraid to change it up. Be aware there are going to be some changes to your daily routine to incorporate figuring out your new style, enjoy it! (Also enjoy all those looks you gonna get from your jealous co-workers with all that hair envy).


Let’s change it! No you don’t have to go bright pink (even though it is REALLY fun). Add some foils, go a shade darker, the world is your oyster. If you sit down in my chair and tell me you’ve been box dying your hair black for ten years and want to be platinum blonde and you’ve only got three hours until you get the kids from school? Not. Gunna. Happen. Sometimes colour changes are a process, enjoy the in between tones!

I don’t have time for…


Make time, or be realistic. You don’t want to sit in my chair for three hours (you totally should, I’m good company) every 6-8 weeks? Choose a more natural colour approach, such as a balayage/ombré which may only need to be maintained every 12-16 weeks. Be honest with yourself, pick something manageable for your busy life. Perhaps you need a few hours every second month to yourself, away from the kids (or partner), read a magazine, have a glass of wine and get a fantastic head massage? It’s all about perspective.


Make time, or be happy with your natural hair. No I did not roll out of bed with my hair in a perfect wave ready for work this morning, however I also didn’t wake up at stupid-O-clock to achieve it. Be real about how much time you’re willing to give to your hair. Talk to your stylist about how to shave time off your styling, because chances are that we are just as time deficient (or lazy) as you are most mornings, we’ve just got the know-how.

I want a new…


Cool beans, get on your Pinterest board and explore the possibilities. Embrace change, seize the opportunity for a fresh look and be prepared for the journey. Don’t sit in my chair and say ” I really want a change but, I don’t want much off the length and I don’t have time/money for a colour today”

New Year, new you? Do it. Change it. CHOP it! But please be realistic, I’ve got a comb and a pair of scissors…not a magic wand.


Image #1 & #2 Verona Hair – Hair colour & style by me!
Image #3 Pinterest David Murray Salon
Image # 4 Verona Hair – Hair colour & style by Keezia Turner

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