Why’d you have to go n’ cut your hair?

Hey Dolls,

Do you have hair?  Of course you do, the bigger question is…when was your last haircut?

So…you’re growing your hair for your wedding right? You’re getting married in a year, a YEAR! You have 12 months to achieve those long tresses that every Victoria Secret Model seems to be born with. So you make the unfortunate decision not to visit a salon for anything but a colour until the week before your wedding. You make your stylist pinky-swear not to cut anything more than 1/2cm off the “long” hair you’ve finally taken all this time to grow. I hate to tell you ladies but, you’re committing a hair felony. Go straight to jail…do not pass go…do not collect the $200 you’ve “saved” in haircuts, when it could have actually saved your tresses from the torment that is split ends.


Now don’t get me wrong, if you cut your hair it won’t technically grow longer or faster, that is a pure myth.  However your hair grows (on average) 1.3cm per month, which means if you keep on top of those split ends, your hair could be mermaid length in no time!


Hair is like a rope, once it starts to frey, it continues until you melt it. If you don’t melt (or in hair’s case – cut) it, it will continue to frey and the usable amount of rope gets less and less. This is an analagy I use a lot with clients that come in to the salon. So many women sit in my chair and tell me that their last hairdresser always cut too much off, when they’d explained they’d like to grow their hair. When I’d ask them how often they were visiting their previous hairdresser, I got any response from 6 weeks to 6 MONTHS. On average, you should be getting a trim every 6 – 8 weeks. No, we are not trying to bleed your money out of you. We aren’t trying to lead you into a false sense of insecurity. We are telling you this, because it is simple. You need it. Just trust us. Or do a hairdressing apprenticeship. Whatever.


Your hair needs love, attention and a haircut every 6-8 weeks! You want the wavy boho look or hair that appears whimsical and effortless in your wedding photos? Don’t be the bride who nails that look until the last 3cm of frayed ends. You know what I’m talking about, the ends that feel like barbie doll hair that’s bean teased with a comb from the stone-age (if they even used combs, maybe that’s my point?).  My advice is, find yourself a good hairstylist that will commit to this journey as much as you have and only trim what is needed off your luscious lengths, to ensure your hair is bouncing down that aisle.


Remember ladies, hair is 90% of your selfie (ah 21st century wisdom, not unlike quotes by Gandhi or the Pope).


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