Vintage Girl in a Modern World

Hi Dolls,

Are you a girl that likes to dress as if you’ve just walked off the set of a 1950’s inspired movie? The Golden Age where women sported spots & pencil skirts; danced in swing skirts and bobby socks; the beginning of rock-n-roll. NO? (you’re dead to me….just kidding!)

Me with a few favorites from “Cooly Rocks On Festival” in Coolangatta (Dress: That Shop)

If we haven’t met (we totally should), you should know that I LOVE everything vintage, everything rockabilly and just a good old “era” fashion statement piece. Oh I don’t descriminate, I even throw a bit of 80’s & 90’s into my outfits just for a little bit of fun (which us girls just wanna have).

Just a couple of gal-pals getting ready for some Rockabilly action

What inspires me to love to fill my wardrobe with modern day takes on vintage fashion? It’s so much bloody fun, I can feel sexy without showing too much skin on the three B’s (buttcheeks, boobs & belly-button).

Styling: Dolls & Sailors – Model: Cassie

I bring a lot of my love for vintage fashion into my hair styling, both personal and for my clients.

Styling: Dolls & Sailors – Model: Beck Watson

While a lot of what I do is classic styling, my heart truely lies with my passion of vintage upstyling. It is what made me want to become a full time stylist in the first place, all them victory rolls & bee-hives (so higggghhhh above me, sorry we stopped with the music analogies a while back…moving on).

Styling: Dolls & Sailors – Makeup: Makeup by Kaysie Maye – Photography: Boy Burton

Cassie’s wedding was one beautiful example of a vintage wedding that I have had the pleasure of styling. All class, so much vintage and many classic waves. If you are reading this Cassie, hot DAMN I LOVED STYLING YOU!

Styling: Dolls & Sailors

Keep a look out on my Instagram page for all things vintage! One of my goals for 2018 is to do a LOT more tutorial work.


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