2018 Top Bridal Trends

Hey Dolls,

Are you planning a 2018 wedding?

Chances are, you’ve probably pinterested the absolute shit out of things you’ll never use. Things like personalised mini tissue boxes for all 110 guests you’ve invited or an entire wall of edible glitter (omg is that a thing?).

Now I’m only talking from my own personal experience, ladies. I pinned about 300 things on my wedding Pinterest board and used maybe 2. Which is TOTALLY fine because it’s your wedding day! You deserve (to dream about) all of the things.

What are brides pinning this year? I’ll show you!

One word: Geometric

Whilst perusing the interwebs for blogging inspiration, I came across so many cute geometric shaped things!

Source: Pinterest

Now, if your a K-mart junkie like me, you would have seen ALL of these styles last year (and probably filled up your house with them too!).

Photography: Sarah Street Photography

Looks like it might have influenced the wedding scene a little bit for this years brides, good ol’ K-mart.

Photography: Sarah Dupree Photography

Even the tiered cakes are adorned with some pretty modern type shapes and metal-like elements.

This futuristic theme is breaking the internet and we’re loving it!

Cute Calligraphy: A Lost Art?

I certainly hope not! So much handwritten calligraphy on wedding invites, table cards and seatings charts to be seen (and pinned) on Pinterest right now.

Source: Pinterest

Transparent backgrounds with a bold, modern take on a (in my opinion) lost art.

Source: Pinterest

In a world where we type most things (ironically typing this on my phone and uploading it onto the internet, so creative). The hype around all things calligraphy is certain to continue to make itself familiar with 2018 brides!

Big ass flowers

Please just give me flowers in every bright colour, add in the biggest flower you can find and HELLO. Legit, best idea EVER.

Photo: Dolls & Sailors

Don’t get me wrong, I’m soooo 2017 and still in love with succulents. I think “Protea” is going to be the hero of this years flower bouquets and centrepieces.

Source: Pinterest

They are just so gosh-darn pretty!

Halters, soft lace & sheer: Dress Trends

Go to your Pinterest search bar and type in “2018 wedding dress” and these beauties appear for all of you pinning pleasure.

Source: Berta Spring 2018

So much intricate lace!

Source: Pinterest

Are you a model, size 6, tall enough to reach the top cupboards in your kitchen and weigh 50kg? Well shit… me neither. All good girl, we got you covered (above photo) with this GORGEOUS boho-themed sleeves wedding gown (lovvvveee!).

Source: Pinterest

Fresh, pretty and elegant. Not something I’d normally say about a 90’s halter top. However this new wedding dress trend has me drooling! How did they make them look so gosh darn PRETTY.

So if you haven’t begun your 2018 board on all things wedding, get on it!

For all of your wedding hair inspiration – visit us on Pinterest!

That’s all folks!

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